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Chào mừng bạn đến với cổng thông tin điện tử của Trường Trung Học Cơ Sở Yên Sơn
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I.    PHONETICS  1.     Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each question.        1.    A. bread    B. head    C. great    D. pleasant
    2.    A. worked    B. stopped    C. named    D. liked
    3.    A. affect    B. major    C. again    D. parade
    4.    A. crowd    B. know    C. show    D. snow
    5.    A. traffic    B. standard    C. water    D. salary
2.    Choose the word (A, B, C or D) which is stressed differently from the others.
    1.    A. cinema    B. festival    C. comedy    D. tradition
    2.    A. favourite    B. performance    C. enjoyment    D. attention
    3.    A. director    B. opinion    C. vehicle    D. professor
    4.    A. arrive    B. create    C. compose    D. manage
    5.    A. major    B. remote    C. except    D. engaged
1.    Choose the best answer.     1.    The accident happened because the road was too _________.
    A. wide    B. big    C. narrow    D. deep
    2.    _________ many challenges in his life, he remained loyal to his working principles.
    A. However    B. Although    C. But    D. Despite
    3.    He runs fast________ his old age.  A. although    B. despite    C. nevertheless    D. however
    4.    I’m a vegetarian. _________, I sometimes eat fish.
    A. Although    B. Despite    C. Nevertheless    D. Despite of
    5.    My brother went to work the next day _________ he was still feeling ill.
    A. although    B. despite    C. nevertheless    D. however
    6.    I’m sorry I’m late. I _____ the wrong bus.    A. travelled      B.took    C. drove    D.rode
    7.    Wind power is a clean _________ of energy. It’s environmentally friendly.
    A. source    B. amount    C. demand    D. production
    8.I like living in a big city, but I hate the _____there.A. pollution     B. climate C. travelling    D. life
    9.    We can help _________energy by turning off devices when not in use.
    A. waste    B. consume    C. save    D. protect
    10.    Using public transport instead of cars can _________air pollution and traffic jams.
    A. cause    B. reduce    C. increase    D. stop
    11.    It’s a beautiful day today, _________?  A. isn’t it             B. is it            C. hasn’t it    D. has it
    12.    Tony:  “Would you like to go out for the day? “
    James:  “_________ “         A. What a lovely idea.             B. Pleased to meet you.
    C. No, not at all, go ahead.    D. No, you can’t.
    13.    Peter:  “My car’s broken down.’
    Joe: ‘_________. “           A. No, you shouldn’t.  B. Yes, you should.
    C. You should take a bus home.    D. You shouldn’t buy it.
    14.    Son:  “Should I move to the city to get a job? “
    Dad:  “_________ “             A. Don’t worry. I’ll be there.    B. You should take an umbrella.
    C. No, you shouldn’t.    D. Yes, it’s much better in the country.
    15.    James:  “I passed all my exams. “
    Pat:  “_________ “                    A. Congratulations!             B. What a shame!
    C. Yes, that’s a great idea.    D. Sure, no problem.
2.    Complete the following tag questions.
    1.    Your friends will be there at the party, _________?  2.    It isn’t too cold today,     ____________?
    3.    Jack was ill yesterday, _________?     4.    We didn’t go to the dance club last night, ___________?
    5.    Your sister works in advertising, ____________?         6.    Iam late, __________?
    7.    Let’s go to Lan’s house, ___________?   8.    She won’t come here,     ____________?
    9.    Nothing is good, ___________?10.Her daughter has studied English for two years, ____________?
3.    Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences.
    1.    Thomas Edison is one of the greatest ____________ in history. (INVENT)
    2.    The hover scooter is our new ____________. (CREATE)
    3.    We are completely ____________ because of failing the exam. (DISAPPOINT)
    4.    My daughter felt ____________ at my gift on her birthday. (EXCITE)
    5.    My friend is too shy to be any good at ____________. (ACT)
1.    Read the text and answer the questions.                    MARSONE
    Mars One is an amazing project that is sending a group of people to live on theplanet Mars. The first tour astronauts will leave Earth in April 2024 to start the 210 - day journey to the Red Planet. They won’t see their family and friends again because trip is only one way. Everybody knows that the journey will be dangerous and astronauts might not arrive on Mars safely. Let’s hope they are lucky and they land without any problems. Living on Mars will be very different from living on Earth because they will spend all their time inside. They will not meet any different people for the next two years, so it is possible they will feel bored.  However, a second group of astronauts will join the first group in 2026 so they will have more people to talk to. MarsOne is planning to make a reality show about the project, and the organisers are sure that everybody on Earth will watch the astronauts land on Mars. It will be interesting to see what they think about their new home and their new lives.
1.    What is the project Mars One planning to do?  A. To prepare an amazing project.      
   B. To send people to live on Mars.   C. To make a trip around the Earth.
    2.    What does the Red Planet refer to?   A. the Earth       B. Mars One        C. the planet Mars
    3.    How long will the journey to the Red Planet in 2024 take?
    A. 2024 days    B. 210 days    C. 2026 days
    4.    What will happen to the four astronauts on the trip?
A.They won’t return to Earth.        B.They will see their family on Mars.  C.They will land on Mars safely.
    5.    How will life on Mars be different from life on Earth?
    A.All the time will be spent inside.       B.It will allow people to meet each other.
    C.It will be less boring.
    6.    What will happen in the year 2026?                  A.Two groups of astronauts will fly to Mars.
    B.Mars One will make a reality show about the landing on Mars.
    C.Everyone on Earth will land on Mars.
2.    Read the passage about Carrie – AnneMoss and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.
    Carrie – AnneMoss was lucky to get the part of Trinity in The Matrix. She wasn’t famous at (1) ____ time, but directors Larry and Andy Wachowski knew she was the right actor for (2) ______ film. Carrie – Anne(3) ______ to do three long days of film tests to show she (4) ______ do all the difficult fight scenes.This included three hours of running and kung fu (5)______ the first day.
    In the film, the cartwheel scene (where she had to turn over and over on her hands) was the (6) _____ thing she did. During the weekend before they (7) ______ it, she was in tears, saying,  “I can’t do it. I can’t do it. “ She was really (8) _____. Then just before she did the scene, she felt badly on her foot. It hurt very (9) _____ but she kept her boots on and finished the work.
    Afterwards, she couldn’t walk for days. Carrie – Anneis really (10) _____ with her work on all three Matrix films – andher fans are too!
    1.    A. a    B.the    C. one    D.her
    2.    A. his    B.its    C. a    D.their
    3.    A. must    B.might    C. had    D.did
    4.    A. could    B.can    C.may    D.must
    5.    A. in    C. at    D.on
    6.    A. hard    B.easy    C. hardest    D.easiest
    7.    A. film    B.filmed    C. filming film
    8.    A. worry    B. worried    C. worrying worry
    9.    A. lot    B. many    C. much    D. lots
    10.    A. please    B. pleased    C. pleasing    D. to please
Rewrite the following sentences, using the words in brackets. Keep the meaning the same.
    1.    We don’t use as much energy as they do.         →We     
    2.    In the future rockets will take vacationers to the moon. → In the future
    3.    They plan to watch the new film at the cinema tomorrow. → They
    4.    The white house is more expensive than the grey house. → The grey house
    5.    People in this city now have a better life than before. → People in this city now
2.    Choose the best sentence that can be made from the cues given.
1.    The lessons/ year/ be/ difficult/ last year. 
A. The lessons this year are more difficult than those last year.
B.The lessons this year are difficult more than those last year.
C.The lessons this year are more those difficult than last year.
D.The lessons this year are more than difficult those last year.
2.    It/ be/ less/ learn Maths/ Literature.
A.It is less difficult to learn Maths than Literature.   B.It is less than difficult to learn Maths Literature.
C. It is difficult to learn Maths less than Literature.  D. It is difficult to learn less Maths than Literature.
3.    This school/ bring/ opportunities/ local pupils.
A.This school will bring more opportunities to local pupils.
B.This school will bring more opportunities for local pupils.
C.This school will bring much opportunities to local pupils.
D.This school will bring much opportunities for local pupils.
4.    Visitors/ usually visit/ slums because/ the danger.
A. Visitors usually visit the slums because of the danger.
B. Visitors usually visit the slums because the danger.
C.Visitors don’t usually visit the slums because of the danger.
D.Visitors usually visit the slums because the danger.
5. He/ his native village/ every year.
A.He don’t visit his native village every year.   B.He doesn’t visits his native village every year.
C.He visit his native village every year.            D. He visits his native village every year.
1.     Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each question.        
    1.    A. decided    B. preferred    C. listened    D. enjoyed
    2.    A. much    B. drug    C. buffalo    D.future
    3.    A. horrible    B. hour    C. hundred    D. hold
    4.    A. traffic    B. back    C. disappear    D. transport
    5.    A. energy    B. game    C. geography    D. gymnastics
2.    Choose the word (A, B, C or D) which is stressed differently from the others.
    1.    A. avoid    B. enjoy    C. visit    D. locate
    2.    A. pollution    B. invention    C. promising    D. achievement
    3.    A. abroad    B. noisy    C. hundred    D. quite
    4.    A. colourful    B. equality    C. dictionary    D. vegetable
    5.    A. elegant    B. regional    C. musical    D. important
1.    Choose the best answer.
    1.    You seem to be quite good ________ physics.     A. for        B. about     C. at          D. to
    2.    Our house needs to be     ________.   A. painting    B. paint    C. painted    D. paints
    3.    You should ______ right and left when you go across the roads.
    A. see    B. look    C. be    D. take
    4.Hurry up or we can’t _______ the last bus home.    A. keep    B. follow    C. go          D. catch
    5.    Lan used to go to school ________.      A. with bicycle    B. by foot    C. at car    D. by bus
    6.    Public _______ in my town is good and cheap  A. transport      B. tour    C. journey    D. travel
    7.    The town is famous _____ its historical homes.    A. for    B.about    C. with          D. by
    8.    He was at disadvantage _____ the poor education he received.
    A. despite    B.instead of    C. because of    D. by
    9.    Nancy, ________ to go to Spain, has been studying Spanish for five years.
    A. she wants    B. who she wants    C. that wants    D. who wants
    10.    Let’s go out and enjoy sunshine, ________? – That’s a good idea.
    A. will you    B.don’t you    C. won’t we    D. shall we
11.    Tom has gone to the match, and ________.
A. Nick has either   B. Nick has so       C. so has Nick           D.neither has Nick
    12.    Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam;     ________, it is not the capital of Vietnam.
    A. but    B.however    C. so    D. therefore
    13.     “I’m taking my end – of – termexam next week. “–  “________ “
    A. Congratulations!  B. Cheers!         C. Well done!             D. Good luck!
    14.    The children enjoyed ________ to the countryside on weekends.
    A. to take    B.taking    C. to taking    D. being taken
    15.    Let’s concentrate ______ solving this problem.     A. in   B.on    C. for    D. at
    16.     “Congratulations to you on winning the first prize!  “–  “________ “
    A. You’re welcome.   B. Thanks a lot.           C. It doesn’t matter.   D. It’s my pleasure!
2.    Put the verbs in brackets into correct form.
    1.    George is very interested in (take) ___________ an art class.
    2.    He (begin) __________to learn English when he (be) __________only six years old.
    3.    Mr. Henry often (buy) ___________presents for his daughter on her birthday. Yesterday (be) ___________her 14th birthday. He (buy) ___________her abig doll.
    4.    I usually (go) ___________ to school by bike, but today I (go) ___________ to school by bus.
    5.    The decorators (not paint) ___________the house on Sunday.
    6.    Don’t worry! I (help) ___________you clean the house.
    7.    Our plans have changed. We (not go) ___________camping this weekend.
    8.    Mom (not buy) ___________any milk tea if I don’t do any homework.
3.    Find a mistake in the four underlined parts in each sentence and correct it.
    1.    The populate of the world has increased in modern time.
    2.    He is not enough old to join the army.
    3.    Everyone can learn how to swim, can they?
    4.    There used to be less unemployed people in this city five years ago.
    5.    We prefer living in the countryside because it’s fewer pollution than the city.
1.    Read the text and answer the questions.
Wind energy
    Wind power is one of the energy sources that have been in use for a very long time. It was used in powering sailing ships, which made it possible for explorers to sail around their trade routes in distant lands. A single windmill can power crop irrigation, and cover family energy needs such as water pumping and electric lights. However, in the present time there are several windmills that are used to generate required energy mostly for industrial uses. Many of the wind turbines can capture much power all at once before feeding it to the power grid. This is commonly known as wind farms and has been in use for many years all around the world. It is only the United States that is going slow in terms of accepting this alternative energy source.
    Wind power is renewable, and it does not cause any air pollution. Advancement in technologies has brought down the cost of setting up wind power plants. However, wind energy can only be used in areas with high winds, which means that it cannot be used as a source to extract energy anywhere on Earth. Wind turbines sometimes create noise disturbance and cannot be used near residential areas. These disadvantages have made the use of wind energy limited to particular regions only.
    1.    How was wind energy used in the past?
    2.    How can wind energy be used in agriculture?
    3.    Which country is going slow in accepting wind energy?
    4.    What are the good points of wind power?
    5.    What are the disadvantages of wind energy?
2.    Choose the correct word A, B, C or D for each gap to complete the following passage.
    Today many people in the world are leaving their small villages in the country (1)_________big and noisy cities. This means that they are leaving the peaceful hills, mountains, fields (2)_________rivers of the countryside for the busy world (3) _________ streets, buildings, traffic and crowds.
    In many countries, people come to live in towns and cities (4) _________ they need work. After one or two factories have been built in or near a town, people come (5) ________ work and soon an industrial area begins to grow. There (6) _________ usually an area nearby where the factory workers (7) _________. The families of these workers need schools, hospitals and markets (8) _________ more and more people come to live in the area to provide these services and so a city grows.
    1.    A. with    B. for    C. in    D. about
    2.    A. and    B. or    C. but    D. so
    3.    A. on    B. of    C. for    D. in
    4.    A. so    B. and    C. because    D. although
    5.    A. to find    B.find do    D. do
    6.    A. are    B. were    C. is    D. was
    7.    A. work    B. play    C. visit    D. live    
    8.    A. because    B. but    C. so    D. however
.    Choose the correct sentence (A, B, C or D) that has the same meaning to the given one.
    1.    Mr. Thomson is by far the richest man I know.
    A.He is the richest man in my country.       B.He is one of many very rich men I know.
    C.He is richer than all his friends.            D.He is much richer than anyone else I know.
    2.    The woman was too weak to lift the basket.
    A.Although the woman was too weak, she could lift the basket.
    B.The woman shouldn’t have lifted the basket because she was so weak.
    C.The woman was so weak that she couldn’t lift the basket.
    D.The woman lifted the basket, so she wasn’t very weak.
    3.    He used to write home once a week.
    A.He enjoys writing home every week.         B.He doesn’t now write home once a week.
    C.He writes homes every week now.            D.He was forced to write home every week.
    4.    Solar energy is not only plentiful but also clean.
    A.Solar energy is both plentiful or clean.     B.Solar energy is either plentiful or clean.
    C.Solar energy is both plentiful and clean.    D.Solar energy is neither plentiful nor clean.
    5.    Don’t forget to turn off the lights before leaving.
A.Remember turning off the lights before leaving.     B.Remember to turn off the lights before leaving.
C.Forget to turn off the lights before leaving.             D.Forget to turning off the lights before leaving.
2.    Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences.
    1.    I/ never/ have/ felt/ as/ terrified/ I/ as/ did/ when/ watched/ I/ that/ horror/ film.
     2.I/ went/ the/ to/ film/ see/ with/ my/ friend/ despite/ tired/ feeling/ very.
    3.    although/ gripping/ film/ was/ the/ ,/ my/ beginning/ slept/ from/ friend/ to/ end/ the/ the.
    4.    celebrate/ people/ do/ Mid – Autumn/ when/ Festival/?
    5.    February/ takes/ in/ usually/ Carnival/ place/.
1.     Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each question.        
    1.    A. teenager    B. together    C. guess    D. regular
    2.    A. languages    B.goes    C. watches    D. dresses
    3.    A. education    B. collection    C. question    D. celebration
    4.    A. weather    B. tenth    C. through    D. thought
    5.    A. electric    B. travel    C. help    D. relative
2.    Choose the word (A, B, C or D) which is stressed differently from the others.
    1.    A. skytrain    B. metro    C. system    D. repeat
    2.    A. future    B. today    C. problem    D. handle
    3.    A. predict    B. driver    C. power    D. simple
    4.    A. arrive    B. follow    C. realize    D. answer
    5.    A. worry    B. enjoy    C. perform    D. suggest
1.    Choose the best answer.
    1.    A poor healthcare is the major cause of high ________ rate.
    A. die    B. dead    C. dying    D. death
    2.    People move to big cities for finding_____.   A. watches          C. bikes      D. taxis
    3.    People aren’t ________ of the problems of having many children.
    A. aware    B. realized    C. known    D. educated
    4.    We go to the ________ to watch a film.    A. stadium    B. hospital    C. restaurant    D. cinema
    5.    I am two years _______ than my brother.    A. elder    B. more elder    C. older    D. more old
    6.    I’m going to the cinema with my sister tonight. She ________ fun for a long time.    
    A. hasn’t had    B. doesn’t have    C. isn’t having    D. won’t have
    7.    His father works much ________ than he does. A. hard   B. hardly      C. harder    D. more hardly
    8.    This is the beach ________ I spent most of my time.    A. which    B. where    C. that       D. when
    9.    Your English is very ______. You speak English very ________.
    A. good/ good    B. good/ well    C. well/ good    D. well/ well
    10.    Smoking has destructive effect ______ your health.  A. for             B. in    C. on         D. to
11.    We usually go to pagodas ______ New Year’s Eve.  A. on     B. in    C. at      D. for
    12.    Were you surprised ______ the grade you received?    A. on    B. at       C. in                D. with
    13.    “I don’t like this tossed salad very well.  “ – “________.”
    A. So do I    B. I do either    C. Neither don’t I    D. Nor do I
    14.    She has a house that is twice ______ mine.
    A. large as larger as    C. as large as    D. more large than
    15.    He ________ for the national team in 65 matches so far.
    A. played playing    C. has played    D. was playing
2.    Give the correct form of the word in the brackets.
    1.    Our __________ form London to Sydney took 24 hours. (FLY)
    2.    Air__________ makes us unhealthy. (POLLUTE)
    3.    My new car is more __________ than the one I had before. (ECONOMY)
    4.    It was one of the most important __________. (ACHIEVE)
    5.    Travelling by train is very __________. (ATTRACT)
3.    Put questions for the underlined parts in the following sentences.
    1.    It takes me 15 minutes to ride to school.               2.    She goes to school 5 days a week.
    3.    They spent their holiday in Sa Pa last summer.      4.    I listen to music because it helps me relax.
    5.    They often visit their parents at weekends.
I.    Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.
    These day it is impossible to open a newspaper (1) _______ reading about the damage we are doing to the environment. The Earth is being (2) _____ and the future looks bad. What can each of us do?
    We cannot clean (3) _____ our polluted rivers and seas overnight. Nor can we stop the (4) ______ of plants and animals. But we can stop adding to the problem (5) _____ scientists search for answers.
    It (6) _____ not be easy to change your lifestyle completely, but some steps are easy to take: cut down the amount of driving you do, use as little plastic as possible, or save (7) ____. We most all make a personal decision to work for the futureof our planet if we want to ensure a (8) ___world for our children.
    1.    A. and    B. at    C. without    D. with
    2.    A. warned    B. threatened    C. noticed    D. informed
    3.    A. on    B. out    C. up    D. in
    4.    A. appear    B. appearance    C. disappear    D. disappearance
    5.    A. while    B. during    C. since    D. within
    6.    A.should    B. may    C. must    D. need
    7.    A. money    B. life    C. energy    D. health
    8.    A. better    B. best    C. worse    D. worst
2.    Read the text and answer the questions.
Halloween Candy
    Halloween is a holiday celebrated in much of western world. Dressing in costumes and going door to door to ask for candy is a special event for many children. Stores’ marketing of candy has helped shape what Halloween is today, and surely children are happy to receive the candy. Some children like to choose a neighbourhood where they do not need to walk very far between houses. Parents need to check all the candy thoroughly to make sure that it is safe; some might even end up taking a piece of their favourite candy, as it is very tempting! Some parents encourage their children to eat the candy as quickly as possible so that their teeth will not decay from being in contact with sugar for a long period of time. However, brushing teeth immediately after eating candy is probably better for children’s dental health than eating it all at once.
    1.    Where is Halloween celebrated?    2.    What do many children do on Halloween?
    3.    Why do parents check all the candy?
I.    Make one sentence from two. Use the word(s) in brackets.
    1.    I told the absolute truth. No one would believe me. (but)
    2.    He didn’t notice the sign. It was right in front of him. (though)
    3.    Jason was very tired. He leant back and closed his eyes.(because)
    4.    I’m learning French. I like learning French.(and)
    5.    You can’t speak to Tim at the moment. He’s sleeping.(so)
2.    Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning. Use the word given. Do not change the word given.
    1.    He loves art, but he chooses to study social science.           although
    He chooses    
    2.    They didn’t celebrate Christmas when they were young.               to
    They didn’t    
    3.    She no longer gets any lucky money at Tet.                           used
    4.    Although the test was very difficult, he could do it very well.               however
    The test    
    5.    It was amazing to see the colourful kites flying in the sky.                   at
    We wer    
1.     Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each question.        
    1.    A. beach    B. mean    C. clean    D. death
    2.    A. slum    B. hunger    C. number    D. usual
    3.    A. diverse    B. village    C. visit    D. tourist
    4.    A. truck    B. drum    C. lucky    D. joyful
    5.    A. hand    B. happy    C. about    D. gather
2.    Choose the word (A, B, C or D) which is stressed differently from the others.
    1.    A. peaceful    B. wealthy    C. action    D. disease
    2.    A. condition    B. density    C. probably    D. different
    3.    A. spacious    B. commit    C. healthy    D. farmer
    4.    A. ticket    B. support    C. narrow    D. reason
    5.    A. tomorrow    B. industry    C. driverless    D. motorbike
1.    Choose the best answer.
    1.     Big cities are getting overcrowded, ___? A. aren’t there  B. are there     C.are they    D. aren’t they
    2.    They don’t know ______these cities are different.   A. what   B. how    C. where    D. which
    3.    Hong Kong has ______ healthcare system in the world.
    A. best    B. the best    C. better    D. the better
    4.    Big cities are crowded _____ people as well as vehicles.   A. of      B. on    C. with         D. for
    5.    They are worried ________ the shortage of clean water.     A. in    B. about              C.for    D. up
    6.    Those who have no home are _____ people.A. homeland B. homely    C. homelike    D. homeless
    7.    I think we should ________ a taxi instead of going by bus; it’s much faster.
    A. goby    B. take    C. drive    D. travel by
    8.    We were all ________ by the ending of the film. We thought the man would save the animal.
    A. terrified    B. fascinated    C. surprised    D. embarrassed
    9.    It is ______ to see so many people wearing special costumes and dancing in the street.
    A. fascinating    B. fascinated    C. fascinate    D. fascination
    10.    The celebration continued with street dancing ________ the cold weather.
    A. although    B. however    C. because of    D. in spite of
    11.    Tom is ________ of the dark and has to stay at home.    
    A. terrifying    B. terrify    C.scary    D. scared
    12.    Peter is very good at painting. ________, he chooses to become an actor.
    A. However    B. Although    C. In spite of    D. Because of
    13.    The children shouted with ________ as the performers began theirmagic tricks.    
    A. confusion    B. excitement    C. embarrassment    D. entertainment
    14.    ________ the driver was at fault, he didn’t even apologize.
    A. Even    B.However    C.Despite    D. Although
    15.    He _____ playing with his dog.    A. is loving    B. loves    C. was loving    D. love
2.    Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
    1.    No one enjoy (go) ___________ to hospital.
    2.    What you (do) ___________at the moment? I (watch) ___________TV.
    3.    We (be) ___________teachers since 2016.
    4.    A new school (build) ___________near our school now.
    5.    You (be) ___________ angry if he refuses to help you?
    6.    I will send him the message as soon as he (return) ___________.
    7.    We (work) ___________ in the office this weekend – youcan call us there.
    8.    (you/ study) ___________all tomorrow evening?
    9.    I hope most of the housework (do) ___________by robots in the near future.
    10.    Some new rules (introduce) ___________next week.
3.    Find and correct the mistake in each sentence.
    1.    New York isthe most large city inthe United States.
    2.    She cannotspeak Germany very goodat the moment.
    3.    It’s dangerousfor tourists visit the slums.
    4.    When people need money bad, they may commitcrimes.
    5.    Good healthcare helps people staying healthy and livelonger.
1.    Read the passage and choose the best answer to each of the questions.
Micro Apartments
    The problem with living in a crowded city like New York is that apartments are hard to find and very expensive. That’s why so many young city-dwellers these days are making themselves at home in tiny micro apartments. Some are only 100 square meters in size! They are often beautifully designed, with space-saving ideas like making the stairs into a set of drawers! Even so, new tenants soon run out of space for their belongings, and have to get rid of all the extra clothes and stuff they don’t need when they move in. They have to be very tidy because they simply can’t move when there are clothes and bags and things all over the place. However, although it won’t suit a couple thinking of settling down, it will suit busy young professionals who work hard, go out a lot and feel at home right in the heart of New York.
    1.    What is the problem with living in a crowded city?     A. There are no apartments.    
B. Apartments are very expensive.    C.It is like New York.    D. It is hard to find.
    2.    The word ‘tiny’ is closest in meaning to _________.
    A. very big    B. very comfortable       C.very small    D. very beautiful
    3.    How are micro apartments described?
    A. beautifully designed    B. spacious    C.very expensive    D. hard to find
    4.    What are the stairs used for?
    A. saving ideas   B. keeping things   C.containing unnecessary stuff       D. keeping extra clothes
    5.    Who will micro apartments be suitable for?        A.couples thinking of settling down    
B.tidy young couples    C.hard-working businesspeople    D.hard-working young professionals
2.    Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gaps.
    Although the world’s energy resources have (1) _________ many millions of years to produce, we are (2) _________ beginning to exhaust these supplies. Recently UN committee reported that (3) _________ world’s oil and gas supplies would last about 100 years if used (4) _________.
    The report stated that there would be enough oil and gas for a (5) _________ only if the present demand could be (6)_______. If the demand continued (7)_______ grow, the report said that fuel supplies would last for less than forty years. According to the report, (8)______ governments now take steps (9) ________ control the amounts of fossil fuels (10) _________ are used.
    1.    A. made    B. taken    C. used    D. spent
    2.    A. quickly    B. fastly    C. carefully    D. slowly
    3.    A. a    B. an    C. the    D.x
    4.    A. careless    B. wasteful    C. quickly    D. carefully
    5.     A. year    B. decade    C. century    D. millennium
    6.    A. controlled    B. controlling    C. control    D. to control
    7.    A. at    B. on    C. in    D. to
    8.    A. the    B. a    D.x
    9.    A. for    B. by    C. to    D. with
    10.    A. who    B. whom    C. when    D. that
1.    Reorder the following words to make meaningful sentences.
    1.    used/ Mark/ go/ and/ school/ I/ to/ together/ to.
    2.    movies/ although/ interesting/ of/ watching/ takes/ is/ lot/ it/ a/ time.
    3.    willing/ people/ alternative/ sources/ very/ country/ in/ use/ this/ are/ to/ energy.
    4.    cause/ being/ environment/ over-crowded/ may/ a/ of/ pollution/ be.
    5.    The/ control/ policies/ future/ government/ the/ have/ more/ to/ will/ births/ in.
2.    Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the sentence above.
    1.    The people are living in deserted houses. They are very poor.
    A.The people whom are living in deserted houses are very poor.
    B.The people which are living in deserted houses are very poor.
    C.The people who are living in deserted houses are very poor.
    D.The people why are living in deserted houses are very poor.
    2.    He is busy. He can’t go to Water festival with me.
A.He is too busy to going to Water festival with me.  B.He is too busy not to go to Water festival with me.
C.He is too busy to go to Water festival with me.  D.He is too busy to be going to Water festival with me.
    3.    This is the most enjoyable festival she has ever attended.
    A.She has never attended such a more enjoyable festival before.
    B.She has never attended such as an enjoyable festival before.
    C.She has never attended such an enjoyable festival before.
    D.She has never attended such the most enjoyable festival before.
    4.    I have never been to Brazil before.
A.This is the first time I have been ever to Brazil.   B.This is the first time I have ever been to Brazil.
    C.This is the first time I was went to Brazil.     D.This is the first time I was going to Brazil.
    5.    Living in the countryside is very pleasant.
A.It is very pleasant to living in the countryside.    B.It is very pleasant to be living in the countryside.
    C.It is very pleasant to live in the countryside.       D.It is very pleasant living in the countryside.
1.     Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each question.        
    1.    A. wealthy    B. meal    C.beat    D. steal
    2.    A. transport    B. travel    C. plant    D. saving
    3.    A. service    B. police    C. device    D. office
    4.    A. languages    B. goes    C. watches    D. dresses
    5.    A. education    B. collection    C. question    D. celebration
2.    Choose the word (A, B, C or D) which is stressed differently from the others.
    1.    A. enjoy    B. daughter    C. provide    D. decide
    2.    A. begin    B. pastime    C. finish    D. summer
    3.    A. comfortable    B. employment    C. important    D. surprising
    4.    A. available    B. environment    C. electrical    D. volunteer
    5.    A. appearance    B. pollution    C. personal    D. opinion
    1.    I enjoy watching action films _________ some of them are rather violent.
    A. in spite of    B. however    C. despite    D. although
    2.    Jack wasn’t tired. _________, he took a nap.    
    A. Nevertheless    B.In spite of    C.Despite    D. Although
    3.    I thought her newidea was absolutely _________.    
    A. fascinate    B. fascinating    C. fascinated    D. to fascinate
    4.    It was a windy and rainy night. _________, I decided to go out.
    A. Nevertheless    B.In spite of    C. Despite    D. Although
    5.    The teacher was really _________ so the lesson passed quickly.
    A. amuse    B. amusing    C. amused    D. to amuse
    6.    We live in the same building; _________, we hardly see each other.
    A. in spite of    B. however    C. despite    D. although
    7.    When my parents were younger, they _________ sports.
    A. used to play   B. use to play              C. use to playing  D. used to playing
    8.    I hate long flights. I’m always really _________ during the flights.
    A. bore    B. boring    C. bored    D. to bore
    9.    ‘What’s in your briefcase?’‘_________’
    A. It’s very expensive.  B. It’s on the desk.    C.It won’t take long.   D. Only some papers.
    10.    ‘Why isn’t Clara answering her phone?’‘_________’             A.It’s ringing now.             
      B.Didn’t you know? She’s on vacation.  C.No, I don’t know her phone number.  D.No, she’s at home.
    11.    ‘How do you go to school?’ ‘_________’
    A. School is fun.  B. Buses are crowded.               C.By bus.  D. It takes about ten minutes.
    12.    ‘Did you phone her?’‘Oh, no, I forgot. _________ her now.’
    A. I phone    B. I’ll be phoning    C. I’ll phone    D. I’m phone
    13.    _________ are an integral part of the culture of a given nation.
    A. Festival    B. Festive    C. Festivity    D. Festivals
    14.    Let’s wait for Hang to arrive and then we _________ breakfast.
    A. will be having    B. are having    C. have    D.will have
    15.    Nobody phoned, _________?    A. did they    B.were they    C. are they    D. weren’t they
2.    Complete the sentence with the correct prepositions.
    1.    My brother is really interested _________ history.
    2.    Nguyen Du was famous _________ his masterpiece, Truyen Kieu.
    3.    Adam is better _________ speaking English than writing it.
    4.    People in this village depend a lot _________ tourism to live.
    5.    Andersen, the famous Danish writer, grew _________ a poor family.
3.    Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.
    1.    They (introduce) ______________ a new video game next month.
    2.    You (see) ______________ the film on TV last night?
    3.    Our class (start) ______________ at 7.15 and (finish) ______________ at 11.15 every morning.
    4.    She (be) ___________ fat because she eats too much snacks and she never does morning excises.
    5.    Bill decided (buy) ______________ a new car rather than a used one.
    6.    Susan (fall) ___________ down the stairs this morning and (break) __________ one of his legs.
    7.    Last year my family (fly) __________ to Ho Chi Minh City. There we (take) ___________ a lot of photos and (buy) __________ a lot of presents.
    8.    There (be)___________ less countryside than there is now, and more cities.
III.    READING COMPREHENSION  1.    Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D.
        It has been three weeks since Lan arrived in Hanoi to prepare for the forthcoming university entrance exams. The exams are in July and she has three months to work on it. She has registered in a popular coaching center where she learns maths, literature and French six evenings a week. The workload is very heavy but Lan tries to enjoy herself. She has already visited some beauty spots in Hanoi. She has been to Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature and Ba Dinh Square. She loves those place very much. They are among the most beautiful places she has ever been to.
    1.    What can be inferred from this passage?    A. Lan does not come from Hanoi. 
B.Lan was born in Hanoi.              C.Lan lives in Hanoi.  D. Lan does not like Hanoi.
    2.    Why did Lan go to Hanoi?                     A. To go sightseeing.         B.To enjoy herself.  
 C.To prepare for her exams.                          D.To register in an exam coaching center.
    3.    How often does she attend classes?         A. 3 times a week.            B.6 times a week.
    C. twice a day.    D. 3 times a day.
    4.    How many places has Lan visited?           A. 4    B. 5    C.6    D.3
    5.    What does Lan think of the beauty spots?
A.They are among the most beautiful places she has ever been to.
B.They are beautiful but she has seen many more beautiful sites.
C.They are the most famous places she has ever been to.
D.They are not as famous as other places she has visited.
2.    Choose the correct answers to complete the passage.
    American (1) _____ are very different from breakfasts in Italy. In general, (2) ______ breakfasts are much larger than those in Italy. Americans (3) ______ cereal, eggs, and toast. They also have some (4) ____ juice. But (5)_____ usually just have bread and coffee. Many Americans like to eat some (6) ________ of meat while Italians almost never eat (7) _____ early in the morning. Finally, American coffee is different (8) ______ Italian one. Americans do not drink strong coffee (9) ______ breakfast. But Italians alwayslike their (10) _____ strong and black.
    1.    A. breakfasts    B. lunches    C. dinners    D. suppers
    2.    A. America    B. American    C. Italy    D. Italians
    3.    A. has    B. is eating    C. have    D. eats
    4.    A. vegetable    B. fruit    C. meat    D. cereal
    5.    A. they    B. she    C. he    D. we
    6.    A. much    B. more    C. kinds    D. kind
    7.    A. vegetables    B. fruit    C. fork    D. meat
    8.    A. to    B. with    C. from    D. at
    9.    A. in    B. at    C. to    D. for
    10.    A. coffee    B. drink    C. water    D. beer
IV.    WRITING    1.    Write in full sentences using the given words.
    1.    Let/ go/ cafeteria/ get/ cold drink.         2.    Mary/ be/ music room/ now/ and/ learn/ play/ guitar.
    3.    How often/ sister/ practice/ piano/ Youth Club?
    4.    Your group/ rehearse/ play/ school anniversary celebrations/ present?
    5.    Tom/ spend/ most/ time/ lie/ couch/ front/ TV.
2.    Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the given sentence.
    1.    My brother drives more carefully than I do.
    A.I do not drive so carefully as my brother.               B.I do not drive as carefully so my brother.
    C.I do not drive such carefully as my brother.         D.I do not drive as carefully than my brother.
    2.    I got up late, so I didn’t catch the bus.
    A.I got up late because I didn’t catch the bus.         B.I didn’t catch the bus because I got up late.
    C.I didn’t catch the bus although 1 got up late.       D.Although I got up late, I didn’t catch the bus.
    3.    She usually visits the slums in Rio on Sunday.
    A.Sunday is the day when she usually visits the slums.
    B.Sunday is the day in which she usually visits the slums.
    C.Sunday is the day on when she usually visits the slums.
    D.Sunday is the day at which she usually visits the slums.
    4.    People move to big cities so that they can look for good jobs.
    A.People move to big cities in order to looking for good jobs.
    B.People move to big cities in order look for good jobs.
    C.People move to big cities in order to look for good jobs.
    D.People move to big cities in order for looking for good jobs.
    5.    The film is interesting. However, I have to study for my final exam.
    A.Although the film is interesting, I have to study for my final exam.
    B.Although the film is interesting but I have to study for my final exam.
    C.The film is interesting, so I have to study for my final exam.
    D.The film is interesting because I have to study for my final exam.

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